3 Changes You Can Easily Make To Save For A Killer Vacation

Okay, I am just going to start by stating the obvious…

Wouldn’t it be great if traveling was free? You know, like you could just hop on a plane and go halfway around the world for a month without spending your entire life’s savings.

But, unfortunately, that isn’t even close to reality…

Which means only one thing – you have to save for a vacation. You know, kind of like how you hoard all your paid time off or vacation days just to take that vacation…

Well, that’s right, you need to start doing the same thing with your money, too.

I just so happened to have made it one of my New Year’s resolutions to save more money… Which, it was more or less to grow my rainy day savings. But, who says I can’t use it for vacation – at least a little bit, right?

So, if you are like me and are going to be saving for vacation this year, here are a few easy ways to do so:

  1. Reassess your monthly bills

    My husband and I just did this…Do you really need Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu and the nicest cable package? Probably not – you can wait a week until that Grey’s Anatomy episode hits your streaming service of choice.

    We actually save over $100/month by using Netflix and Hulu instead of cable…

    And, I’ll tell you a secret – if you have a student Spotify account – only $5 – you get Hulu for free which is normally $8 on its own.

  2. Do a home purge

    That’s right – that closet full of clothes where only half of it gets worn…Well, that other half might be your vacation.

  3. Cut your eating out in half

    This is major for us – for two reasons:One: I like to eat out so I can’t stick with the whole never eating out thing.

    Two: We eat out a lot, so reducing it just by half still saves us a lot of money.

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