Solutions for 3 of the WORST Family Vacation Problems

Ah, the joy of family vacation. While it is so great getting to spend extra time with the ones you love, doing something you enjoy and seeing somewhere new, we all know that traveling with other people – and especially family – can be particularly difficult.

Everyone has their own opinion and way of doing things but since you are all on the same vacation for a mere few days, you all have to somehow figure out how to coordinate your activities.

Are you getting a headache yet?

But, don’t worry, even the WORST family vacation problems have a solution…

Trust me, you’ll want to keep reading:

  1. The close quarters make your claustrophobic.If I had my vote of the worst family vacation problem, this would be it. I love my family, but I love my space. And, vacation is that one time where you definitely don’t get your own space.

    But, just try to embrace it and be flexible. Bring headphones to still get a little peace and quiet if you need it. You can also place pillows down the middle of the bed if you are sharing the bed with a bed hog.

  2. Nobody wants to eat the same food.Rather than getting mad, just choose what you want to eat when it is your turn. Also, before freaking out that you don’t want to go to the Taco Shack or whatever it is that you hate, check out the menu and see if they have something you might like.

    Sometimes, it really isn’t worth the complaint.

  3. Family members will do and say as they please.

    My dad is quite the jokester and I used to HATE when he would say something that I felt was inconsiderate. But, keep in mind that family is close. There is no filter.

    Instead, try to joke right back and enjoy a good laugh.

A family vacation shouldn’t be painful. Even the worst problems have a solution.

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