3 Romantic Getaways You Have to Take Your Honey On

Do you remember as a little girl dreaming about finding your Prince? You were going to be a real-life Cinderella one day and you dreamed about that day for as long as you can remember.

Well, while I was daydreaming about the Prince I would one day find, I always used to think about how fun it must be to be able to be a grown up and get to go on vacation with just your significant other – no parents allowed.

And, thankfully, that was one dream that really did come true. Now that I have met my Prince Charming, there are actually few things I love more than a romantic getaway with him – rather it is just for a weekend or for a full week of romantic bliss. There is just something about being alone, relaxing, and just enjoying each other’s company that makes for the best trip ever…

It doesn’t even really matter what you do or where you go.

My goodness, just writing about it is making me crave a romantic getaway.

But, despite the fact that a romantic getaway can be anywhere, here are a few places that make it that much more romantic and these are places you just have to see:

  1. Maui

    The beautiful beach, the fancy hotels, and one of the most gorgeous sunsets of your life – does it get more romantic than that?

  2. Napa Valley

    Known for its wine, it has to be a romantic location. Good food and wine tasting make for the ideal romantic getaway. And, things like their luxurious accommodations mean a night in will be just as fun!

  3. Charleston

    Especially if you are a more outdoor, laid back type person, Charleston is just right for you. With walking tours, boat tours, museums and more, there is a never a lack of things to do.

    Sometimes, the most romantic getaways are just time spent exploring a new city.

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