The Best Places to Travel to Get Into The Holiday Spirit

When I was growing up, we only lived about a four-hour drive from Branson, Missouri. And, if you know anything about Branson then you know it is a hot tourist spot just about all year round…

But, during Christmas, it becomes even more popular as Christmas lights light up the entire city, actors put on plenty of theatre shows that are centered around the holidays, and it gets nice and cold – it is the perfect winter setting.

As a child, getting to go to Branson around Christmas time was something I looked forward to. It put me in the holiday spirit as the Christmas music blared – going there was what really kickstarted the season.

But, of course, Branson is not the only place that can really bring the holidays to life for you and put you in the holiday spirit:

  1. Rovaniemi

    If I could choose one place to go for the holidays, my dream destination would be Rovaniemi. It is located just north of the Arctic Circle and is literally Christmas Central.

    In fact, I just stumbled upon this location the other day and found out it is the true home of Santa Clause – does it get any more festive than that?

    And, boy oh boy, do they ever celebrate and make it festive! You will get a taste of the daily life of the man in the red suit.

  2. New York

    New York is another iconic place to go for the holidays. They like to light up the city just like Branson, but with the big city feel – I can only imagine!

    So, if you are lucky enough to visit New York for the holidays, check out Rockefeller Center’s ice rink. It has been around for 80 years and is located right by the city’s huge decorated tree.

  3. Old Quebec

    While it might not be overdone with bright lights, Old Quebec is decorated as an old, traditional Christmas destination. It is the ideal festive, romantic destination.

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