3 Ways to Pass the Time During the Dreaded Layover

If you have ever flown a handful of times you have probably experienced a layover…

Of course, there is the usual 1- or 2-hour layover that you might have if you have to switch flights for your trip.

But, then there is the dreaded overnight layover or the unexpected 1-hour layover that suddenly turned into a 7-hour layover for whatever reason causing a delay.

And, of course, airports have food and outlets where you can charge your phone, but after a while just eating and playing on your phone can get to be pretty boring.

And, we all know the time goes so much slower when you are watching it…

You will likely find yourself feeling like you are going insane as you anxiously await to finally reach your next destination.

So, if you find yourself experiencing this dreaded layover anytime soon, there are a few modern ways to pass the time:

  1. Be a foodie.Well, if you thought I was crazy when I said that eating could get boring – this tip is for you.

    Especially in an airport that has several restaurants, make an activity out of it. Start by having an appetizer at one restaurant, your main course at another, dinner at the next, and finish up with drinks at one of the bars.

    Before you know it, you will have spent a few hours just trying out the local cuisine.

  2. Rent a day room.I don’t know about you, but I need my sleep. I can’t function otherwise.

    So, when it comes to a long layover, my favorite thing to do is rent a day room. I will take a quick nap – pass the time and rejuvenate for the remainder of my trip.

  3. Take a city tour. Some airports offer free city tours to airline passengers with layovers – such as Salt Lake City International Airport. What a great way to have some fun, save some money, and pass some time!

    If you find yourself experiencing a long layover, ask one of the airport employees about free or cheap things to do to pass the time. You never know what the airport might offer!

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